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Behind nVision Romania – Interview with TOMASZ DYBCZYK, R&D Manager at Bilogic System

oct. 31, 2023 | Interviuri

• Why did you choose to distribute nVision?  

At Bilogic, we oversee the administration of numerous servers. Despite the advent of cloud technology, many companies continue to maintain on-premises server infrastructure. Each IT department employs a variety of distinct solutions for network management, security, and monitoring.

In our pursuit of efficient and streamlined network monitoring and asset management solutions for both existing and potential clients, we extensively evaluated various options. Our evaluation led us to nVision, a software product developed by Axence, which proved to be exceptional in its capabilities. The initial implementation of this software was impressively efficient, requiring only a few hours.

At the time of our assessment, Axence was actively seeking partnerships in Romania. Recognizing the value and potential of their software, we made the strategic decision to forge a partnership with Axence, with the aim of delivering this outstanding software to the Romanian market.

• How do you describe the current market for cybersecurity solutions? Do you think it is growing?  

The current market for cybersecurity solutions in Romania is witnessing significant growth.  Romania’s IT market is one of the fastest-growing markets in Central and Eastern Europe,  Cybersecurity is a key component of the ICT sector in Romania. The country has witnessed the development of the ICT industry and associated services, with a particular focus on cybersecurity2. Public authorities and private players have taken several actions to guarantee the strategic importance of the sector, such as legislative updates, initiatives and projects, curricula expansion in universities, collaboration with specialized institutions, education campaigns, and the creation of an institutional framework and public-private partnerships.

• What is nVision’s USP and how does this help your customers?  

The distinctive selling points of Axence nVision lie in its system modularity, effortless and swift implementation, robust support, and comprehensive system documentation. Firstly, nVision stands out due to its system modularity, offering customers the flexibility to tailor the software to their specific needs. This enables clients to select and integrate only the features and functionalities that are pertinent to their requirements, optimizing their investment and enhancing operational efficiency. Secondly, the software’s remarkable ease and speed of implementation is a significant advantage. Clients can swiftly and seamlessly integrate nVision into their existing IT infrastructure, allowing them to start utilizing the software within a single day. This expedited implementation process minimizes downtime and accelerates the realization of benefits. Moreover, Axence nVision boasts exceptional support services, ensuring that clients receive timely assistance and guidance throughout their usage of the software. The availability of a knowledgeable and responsive support team contributes to a positive user experience, fostering confidence and trust in the product. Lastly, the provision of comprehensive system documentation adds to the software’s appeal. Detailed and clear documentation assists customers in understanding the software’s features, functionalities, and best practices for optimal utilization. This resource empowers users to maximize the potential of nVision and make informed decisions regarding its implementation and usage.

• What are the main security problems your customers face, and how can nVision help them?  

The main security challenges our customers commonly face in their IT environments include:

1. Vulnerability and Patch Management:

   Many organizations struggle to identify and promptly patch vulnerabilities in their systems, leaving them exposed to potential security threats.

2. Unauthorized Access and Insider Threats:

   Mitigating unauthorized access and internal threats from employees or contractors with malicious intent is a significant concern for organizations.

3. Malware and Phishing Attacks:

   The risk of malware infections and phishing attacks leading to data breaches and compromised systems is a persistent threat for businesses.

4. Data Leakage and Loss Prevention:

   Safeguarding sensitive data and preventing unauthorized sharing or leakage of critical information is a top priority.

5. Network Traffic Monitoring:

   Monitoring and analyzing network traffic to detect and respond to suspicious activities and potential security breaches is a vital security practice.

Axence nVision addresses these security challenges effectively:

1. Vulnerability and Patch Management:

   nVision helps identify vulnerabilities in systems and applications, enabling organizations to prioritize and apply patches more effectively. The modular nature of nVision allows customers to focus specifically on vulnerability management.

2. Unauthorized Access and Insider Threats:

   Utilizing nVision’s monitoring capabilities, customers can track user activities, detect unusual behavior, and receive alerts for potential insider threats or unauthorized access attempts.

3. Malware and Phishing Attacks:

   nVision offers features for monitoring endpoint activity, detecting suspicious patterns, and generating alerts for potential malware infections or phishing attempts, enhancing overall security posture.

4. Data Leakage and Loss Prevention:

   By monitoring and controlling network traffic, nVision helps in identifying and preventing unauthorized attempts to leak or share sensitive data, aiding in data loss prevention efforts.

5. Network Traffic Monitoring:

   Axence nVision provides robust network traffic monitoring capabilities, allowing customers to analyze network traffic patterns, detect anomalies, and identify potential security risks or breaches in real-time.

In addition to addressing security challenges, Axence nVision offers valuable features related to asset management and efficient time management, further enhancing its utility for our customers:

1. Asset Management:

   nVision includes comprehensive asset management capabilities, allowing customers to maintain an organized inventory of their hardware and software assets. It enables tracking and monitoring of devices, software licenses, and hardware configurations. Through nVision, customers can easily identify underutilized resources, manage license compliance, and plan for upgrades or expansions.

2. Smart Time Management:

   nVision integrates smart time management features, enabling customers to optimize their productivity and workflow efficiency. This functionality provides insights into how employees allocate their time during work hours, helping organizations to identify bottlenecks, streamline processes, and allocate resources more effectively. By analyzing time data, customers can make informed decisions to enhance productivity and achieve operational excellence.

By incorporating asset management and smart time management capabilities, Axence nVision empowers our customers to not only enhance their security measures but also to streamline their operations, improve resource allocation, and achieve better overall organizational efficiency.

By leveraging the features and capabilities of Axence nVision, customers can proactively enhance their security measures, mitigate risks, and maintain a more secure and resilient IT infrastructure.

• What specifically sets nVision apart from other cybersecurity solutions?

Axence nVision distinguishes itself in the realm of cybersecurity solutions through its dedicated Helpdesk module, which further enhances its value proposition:

Comprehensive Helpdesk Functionality: nVision incorporates a robust Helpdesk module that streamlines and centralizes the handling of IT support requests, incident management, and user inquiries. This comprehensive functionality enables efficient ticketing, tracking, and resolution of IT-related issues within the organization.

Seamless Integration: The Helpdesk module seamlessly integrates with nVision’s broader suite of tools, allowing organizations to consolidate their cybersecurity, asset management, time management, and helpdesk operations within a unified platform. This integration optimizes workflow and promotes synergy among various functional areas.

Efficient Ticket Management: The Helpdesk module enables organizations to efficiently manage and track tickets from submission to resolution. It provides automated ticket assignment, categorization, and prioritization based on urgency and impact, ensuring that critical issues are promptly addressed.

Knowledge Base and Self-Service Portal: nVision’s Helpdesk module includes a knowledge base and self-service portal where users can access articles, guides, and FAQs to resolve common queries independently. This empowers users to find solutions quickly, reducing the volume of support tickets and enhancing productivity.

SLA Compliance and Performance Metrics: The module helps organizations adhere to service level agreements (SLAs) by monitoring ticket resolution times and response rates. It provides performance metrics and reports to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the helpdesk, facilitating continuous improvement.

Enhanced User Experience: The user-friendly interface of the Helpdesk module ensures an enhanced experience for both IT support staff and end-users. Intuitive ticket creation, tracking, and communication features contribute to a positive interaction and efficient issue resolution.

By incorporating a dedicated Helpdesk module, Axence nVision enriches its offering by providing a comprehensive, integrated, and user-centric solution that efficiently manages IT support requests, enhances organizational productivity, and improves overall customer satisfaction.

• How did you build your relationship with nVision and become their distributor?

We established initial contact with Axence during a business conference held in Cracow in October 2022. Concurrently, our organization had commenced testing and integrating nVision. Following this period, we received a partnership proposal from Axence. Throughout our engagement, we have consistently received exemplary support encompassing sales, marketing, and technical intricacies related to nVision. The communication with Axence has been exceptional, and our collaborative approach consistently centers on optimizing solutions for mutual benefit. Axence demonstrates a commitment to fostering genuine relationships, valuing these connections beyond mere transactional engagements. As a partner, we are viewed not merely as a client, but as a esteemed member of a closely-knit community, reinforcing a strong sense of partnership and collaboration.

• What are the biggest benefits you have gained as a nVision distributor?

Being an nVision distributor entails a multitude of significant benefits, each designed to enhance your business endeavors:

1. Generous Discounts:

   Enjoy highly competitive commercial terms in the ICT market. Active Partners receive generous discounts, significantly amplifying profit margins.

2. Clear Terms of Cooperation:

   Embrace transparency and fairness with our unified sales rules, ensuring clear and consistent terms of cooperation.

3. GDPR Compliant and ISO 27001 Aligned Solution:

   Leverage a solution that aligns with the rigorous standards of GDPR and ISO 27001, assisting clients in navigating complex regulatory landscapes.

4. Certification Training:

   Elevate your sales force and engineers through comprehensive certification training, empowering them to effectively sell and implement Axence nVision® solutions.

5. NFR License:

   Access our software for 20 workstations with a Not-For-Resale (NFR) license, ideal for marketing and training purposes.

6. Marketing Fund:

   Utilize an attractive budget dedicated to actively promoting Axence products. Boost your visibility and attract more clients by effectively marketing our solutions.

7. Sales Rewards:

   Recognize and appreciate the hard work of your team with additional rewards for the most active salespeople, motivating them to excel and drive more success.

8. Marketing Materials:

   Access a suite of meticulously crafted marketing materials, designed to assist you in effectively promoting our products among your clients.

9. Promo Events:

   Collaborate to organize compelling events that elevate your brand recognition and create lasting impressions on your esteemed clients. Let’s join forces to ensure a memorable experience.

• What skill set do you believe is necessary to be a good nVision distributor?

For a distributor, effective communication skills are paramount, coupled with a solid grasp of network security. A comprehensive understanding of information technology, network infrastructure, cybersecurity, and systems management is fundamental for comprehending and proficiently presenting the technical facets of nVision solutions. Moreover, a thorough knowledge of Axence nVision® solutions, encompassing their features, capabilities, and benefits, is imperative to eloquently convey the value proposition to prospective clients and address their unique requirements.

A client-focused approach, marked by a keen understanding of client needs and the ability to customize solutions accordingly, is essential for cultivating trust and nurturing enduring relationships. Equally vital is the commitment to upholding high ethical standards, integrity, and professionalism in all interactions with clients and stakeholders. This dedication is instrumental in constructing a reputable and dependable distributorship.

The continuous acquisition and refinement of these skill sets will empower an nVision distributor to proficiently represent, sell, and support Axence nVision® solutions, ultimately driving business growth and enhancing client satisfaction.

• How do you ensure that your customers receive the best services and support?

At Bilogic, we embody a team of dedicated IT professionals driven by passion and expertise. With a collective experience spanning over 15 years in the industry, we have successfully executed a multitude of international projects, ranging from modest to extensive in scope. Our unwavering focus remains on our customers and the quality of our work. We prioritize the delivery of qualified services over volume, ensuring that each project meets the highest standards of excellence.

Our extensive portfolio encompasses a diverse range of clients and projects, providing us invaluable experience in tackling varied challenges. This exposure, coupled with access to our partners’ knowledge databases, has significantly enriched our problem-solving capabilities and propelled our continuous skill development. We pride ourselves on leveraging this wealth of experience and knowledge to drive innovation and deliver optimal solutions to our clients.

• What are your future plans with nVision, and how do you see your distribution relationship with them developing in the future? 

Every year, Axence enhances the nVision software with additional functionalities, incorporating numerous improvements with each version. The dynamic landscape of the IT industry necessitates a swift response to market demands, and Axence remains proactive in implementing features that are highly sought after. As part of our strategic growth initiatives, we are targeting increased sales within the Romanian market.

As certified engineers specializing in nVision, we continuously augment our proficiency by actively participating in various implementations. These experiences serve to refine our skill set, enabling us to deliver increasingly tailored and optimal solutions to our esteemed clientele. In conjunction with Axence’s dedicated support throughout the sales process, we are diligently preparing to participate in an upcoming technical conference in Romania. Our objective is to expand our network and enhance visibility within the Romanian market, ultimately fortifying our presence and furthering our business objectives.